Bending steel edges can be tricky. When bending them by hand you can easily create corner bends that do not follow the curve of you base material. You can also bend edges on the wrong plane. Whenever edges have these issues your snowboard will be difficult to work with during board construction and the snowboard will be more prone to delaminating.

An easy way to properly bend edges is to use a modified hand held tubing bender. These tools are readily available at hardware stores and are under $20. Since the tool is designed for round tubing you will need to cut a track into it for your edge to run through. This modification prevents your edge from laying flat and getting bent on the wrong plane.


To make the modification to the tubing bender you will need a rotary tool with a cut off bit. Run the bit along the tubing track to create a groove that is roughly 1.5-2 mm deep.


Once the tubing bender is modified run your edge through and incrementally apply pressure along the edge proportional to the amount of bend you want to make. Have your template handy so you have a reliable guide. With this tool you’ll find that steel edges can actually be very obedient.