Boardcrafter Design™ snowboard design software is now available. It is finished one month ahead of schedule and allows snowboard and ski builders to easily design with CAD-like accuracy without CAD’s complexity. In addition to design capabilities the software allows ‘fit to page’ and 1:1 ratio template printing and .dxf exporting of:

• Outer board shape
• Core shape
• Inserts
• Tip spacers
• Nose/Tail/Camber profile
• Core Thickness Profile
• Shape Specifications

The print function includes cut guidelines which allow users with a standard printer to accurately cut off page margins to create 1:1 scale templates.

Other features available in Boardcrafter Design include the ability to zoom in and out using a mouse scroll wheel and the ability to grab and move the board design by holding down the right mouse button.

Download the trial version Boardcrafter Design snowboard design software now for free