Since I started building snowboards I’ve always relied on getting a base grind to clean cured resin off of my bases as a finishing step. This seemed like a decent way to go since a snowboard is pretty much unusable if it has epoxy all over the base. 


Recently I’ve changed my mind about this. I had a base grind done that made my base way too thin and the snowboard’s edge teeth broke the base. They made a small hairline crack that allowed water in and eventually resulted in delaminating. My board was shot before the season was over.


I decided I would mask my base to eliminate the need for a base grind as a cleaning step. I’ve tried this once before using packing tape (idea from skibuilders) but I ended up with stripes on my base where the tape overlapped. Also some glue still managed to seep in under the tape along the edges. At the time I had not had a failure due to a base grind so I did not put much more effort into it until now.


Here is a video of my revised approach using the same vinyl I use on my top sheet. This new technique worked great for me and I plan to use it from now on. Moving forward any base grinds I get will be light and only to prep the base for better wax absorption -not to clean off epoxy.