Here are ten tips that will help you make a good snowboard template using Boardcrafter Design: 

1.Take some practice runs with your jigsaw before attempting to cut out the snowboard template. Trace something round (like a bucket) to understand how well your jigsaw cuts and get comfortable with it.

2. Use a new wood blade with fine teeth. A wood blade with coarse teeth will cut too quickly and roughly which increases the likelihood of making a mistake.

3. Slowly apply the snowboard template printout with spray adhesive starting from the middle of the printout.  

4. If the printout goes on crooked check to see if A: the printed lines are all on the MDF (i.e. not hanging over the edge; B: that there are no wrinkles that could distort the shape. If your template looks good on both these points you should be OK.   

5. Cut off excess MDF with a circular saw so that the jigsaw does not need to go as far to get to the shape.

6. Approach the template cutting line with your jigsaw so that you will not have to make a sharp turn to start cutting out your snowboard shape.

7. Cut along the template line very carefully and patiently with the best jigsaw you can get. A quality jigsaw will save you from a lot of frustration.

8. When sanding the edges of your template after cutting it out be sure you are maintaining a 90 degree angle. If you don’t have a 90 degree angle it is not going to be a good running surface for your trim router and it will be harder to check symmetry.

9. Check your template against another printout to see how you did. If one side is bad you can use the good side to make a new good template

10. Be willing to start over. The template needs to be right so forgive yourself if you blow it, learn from the mistakes and try again -this will pay off in the end.  

Hopefully these tips help you make a great template and snowboard.