CNC Cutting 

Cut It For You

Seattle area resource for snowboard and ski templates cut out of MDF. Sean Sean your dxf file.

Ski Crafters 

Spoilt Skis

Spoilt is a small company developing new products free of any set standards and any other limitations forced by large industrial productions.

Snowboard Crafters 

Windlip Snowboards 

Dan and Lisa Robinson make beautiful snowboards. They started Windlip snowboards a year ago to make a craftsman snowboard alternative to mass market snowboards “something with a heart and a soul and something that delivers.”

Snowboard Entertainment 

Open Snow is a team of weather forecasters who write local blogs, make inch-by-inch forecasts, and send powder alerts so that you can catch every powder day

Read the latest news in snowboarding 

An active online community of snowboarders 

Snowboard Blogs 

Snowboard Addiction 

Video Lessons, tutorials, news, and articles all about snowboarding 

Snowboard (& Ski) Building sites

An active online community of ski builders. Many techniques discussed here are also applicable to snowboard building.


A site specializing in providing the component materials necessary to build skis & snowboards.