Simple converter to find the metric equivalent of length in inches.

The Stance Width Estimator tool below is meant to provide a solid starting point for a snowboard's stance width based on rider height. This tool gives a recommended distance between the center position of the front insert pack to the center position of the rear insert pack. Individuals can then widen or shrink their stance width within the resulting insert pack positions.

This tool should come in handy for those of you building boards for others whether they're friends, family, or customers. It can also be useful for non-builders who are looking for criteria to nail down the perfect new board.

You may have a solid grasp of the snowboard size that is right for you but if you are building a snowboard for someone else you may struggle with what the right size could be for them. This is especially the case if the rider’s height is significantly different than yours and they don’t already have a board size preference.


The Snowboard Size Estimator tool below is a small flash application that will allow you determine the snowboard size most likely to be successful for a rider given their height and the style of snowboard they are interested in. The size estimations are based on a study of professional snowboarders and their snowboard size preferences relative to their height and riding style.