In Part 1 I showed how I use the Boardcrafter Design software to recreate a snowboard shape from a major manufacturer. Now it's time to customize it for the rider (in this case me). One of the best things about making your own snowboards is you can make it very specific to you. Part 2 goes through an abbreviated version of what I do.

I hope it provides a good idea of the customizations that are possible when making a snowboard.


Part 2.5 is video of a correction I made after printing my snowboard shape. Mistakes happen and luckily I caught this one on a printout. The lesson learned in this video is to have running length set before changing the snowboard width because changes in the running length will affect the width.


Tools/Tooling Used

  • PC Running Windows 
  • Boardcrafter Design (Download Now)
  • Internet Connection
  • Computer Printer